Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saturday. Easter. Sick day. Busy day.

Hello Hello lovelies.
  What a weekend. Saturday J and I had thee best day together, which I covered in my last post. We have yet to hear anything back about the house, but I am keeping my fingers crossed and my hopes high. :)

      Easter was alright. Not the best day, but it went by fairly painlessly. I got a little honest with my mother in-law after a couple drinks. Here is part of the conversation;
Everyone talking about hopefully future house
Me: I love it so much. So cute.
MIL: Yeah, it's kinda shabby on the outside.
Me: Oh the inside makes up for it.
MIL: Well I just don't think it's worth it.
Me: I do. It's adorable & I love it & it's close to J's work.
MIL: There is a house right across the street from us, for $650, that's $150 less than that house
Me: I would NEVER live that close to you.
::insert dirty look from husband::
Me [in hushed tone]: well I wouldn't.

Yes, I know. I am an ass. But she seriously drives me bonkers. It is hard enough to be nice to her sober, add vodka and some squirt- and I cannot hold my tongue, so instead I proceeded to stuff my face every time she came near me. Pray for me. :)

Yesterday- I was sick, stomach ache, headache, exhausted, body aches, pretty much death warmed over. I laid in bed and died most of the day & then remembered I had just bought a new book, well actually Justin bought me a new book. I had stopped, read the cover, opened it up, browsed a little more inside, and said Hmm, can wait for payday. Then when we got home, I was putting away our purchases from Target and there it was, House Rules by Jodi Picoult. Let me tell you people- I am addicted. It is brilliant. I love it. I don't want it to end, I am about 1/3 of the way through, and I want to just keep reading and reading. I even brought it to work with me, so that if I have down time and I can sneak it in. :) I say- Go BUY it NOW!

Today; I am feeling slightly better, I kinda secretly {well not secret now} wish that I was still sick, because the side of the company J works for, broke down, so he is off work and at home laying in bed more than likely & I wish I was there with him. So after work I am going to go work out, tan, and then head home for some cuddle time & good dinner with my hubby.

Alrighty loves, I am off to catch up on the blogging I missed yesterday, I can't wait to read what is going on in all your lives..oh & I need to post Easter pics. Mine aren't as good as Darcie's, but once they are posted, I will add them. :)


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